Seasonal Whole Cooked Rock Crab

For now, we are living in a new normal. We've been adjusting to cooking at home. But we can't help to miss our old normal like eating out at a restaurant. Eating out can be financially challenging and even when we can get food delivered, we may find the food isn't quite the same quality when made fresh. The chef at home knows that to prepare a dish, we must first start with carefully selected high-quality ingredients. As long as the ingredients are high quality, no matter how they are cooked, they can have the same great taste at home.

Ocean Packers wishes you all safety and healthy eating during the year of the Golden Ox. 

To celebrate the 38th anniversary of the establishment, Ocean Packers has promoted high-quality brand frozen seafood for everyone. We have now launched promotional offers in many provinces across the country. 

Canada winters can be terrifyingly chilly. What is the best thing to eat at home in Cold times? Seafood and hot pot. More specifically, Winter is peak crab season. Introducing,  Clearwater Whole Cooked Rock Crab -  a limited-seasonal product cooked and ready-to-eat wild sea-caught Crab.

Caught in the pollution-free waters of Scotland, the crab is cooked in sea salt water to preserve the crabs flavour and immediately subjected to an ultra-low temperature flash freezing process to ensure that the crab meat is preserved in the best edible condition.

  • Full of meat.
  • Tender and Sweet.
  • Rich in crab flavor and tomalley (Crab Butter). Super creamy.
  • Thawed and ready to eat, or can be heated by steaming for only three to five minutes
  • A simple quick process for a gourmet food served in your favorite seafood restaurants
Crab Butter | Whole Rock Crab | Fresh Rock Crab | ClearwaterRock Crab Butter
Crab Butter | Whole Rock Crab | Fresh Rock Crab | ClearwaterClick Here to see more
Crab Butter | Whole Rock Crab | Fresh Rock Crab | ClearwaterWhole Rock Crab
Crab Butter | Whole Rock Crab | Fresh Rock Crab | ClearwaterWhole Rock Crab

You haven't tried crab till you've tasted this season limited whole Cooked Rock Crab. Don't miss out as these are only available for a limited time.

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