Is Basa safe to eat? TG Fishery - Certifies your fish safety

Is Basa safe to eat? Yes. Basa is a popular fish from Vietnam. We are often asked: Is basa a freshwater fish? Yes. Ocean Packer's is the sole proprietor of TG fisheries. All TG brand basa fish which come to Canada are from our factory.

Known by many names such as: Swai, Pangasius, 巴沙鱼 or River Cobbler, TG Fishery prides itself on not using dangerous chemical agents and drugs to control pathogens and parasites in breeding ponds.

Our white basa fillets are light, flakey and firm, not soft or rubbery, with mild fish taste similarly to the popular western fish Cod and Haddock. Basa is known for having high quality proteins and healthy fats such as omerga-3. The fillets are boneless allowing for easy and preparation into many local dishes. TG fishery uses precise innovative technology to allow for a moist fillet without extra moisture content. A popular recipe for basa fish is fish and chips (basa fish n chips). Lightly battering your basa, you can deep fry for a delicious meal.

Concerns of Food safety and Health

As the proprietor of TG fishery, Ocean Packers can provide you answers for any at all questions regarding to your product.

Following strict guidelines and regulations of food safety and health, we ensure not only the fish are healthy, but to regularly make sure the ponds and fish feed are in line with our quality assurance.

From Pond to Your Customer

TG fisheries is located near the Mekong River – where we can ensure the quickest transportation from the pond to the factory to shipping line.

The basa are caught in the evening where there is low temperatures to ensure the live capture of the basa. 

By capturing the basa live in the pond and having quick transportation to the factory, we ensure the freshness of the basa. Once, the basa reaches the factory, the basa is tested to ensure it is healthy.

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