Gourmet Signature Seafood - Caviar

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Caviar, a delicacy eaten for the extraordinary taste from the heavens. Known by its name as black gold, there is a high level of nutrition and prestige. We offer two rare caviar great for sharing with guest as appetizers or eating as a snack.

Matched with a variety of Chinese and Western ingredients to enhance the taste level of your main course, providing an unparalleled experience which is unforgettable. The taste dance delicately as Caviar pops in your mouth releasing the explosive juices.

The unique taste pop in your mouth as you gently press them on the tip of your mouth where the juices spread the taste.

Introducing our two selection caviar:

(FROSISTA)-Siberian sturgeon caviar – A shimmering obsidian orb with a surprising weight. The original Taste which is both delicate and pure with light and refreshing after taste.

(FROSISTA) – Hybrid sturgeon Caviar – A unique caviar creating a beautiful golden white brown caviar. Experience a fragrant cream with a long lasting nutty aftertaste.

Be the talk of the town with this symbol of rarity. A must to be tried in a lifetime.

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